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Are Your Customers Confusing Cloud Solutions with Hosted Solutions?


Oct, 13

Are Your Customers Confusing Cloud Solutions with Hosted Solutions?

Now that cloud has become a household term for consumers as well as businesses and cloud sales are growing at a fast pace, many of your customers are becoming familiar with cloud lingo. One thing you have to watch out for, however, is that you and your customers are on the same page with what’s meant by the term “cloud. ”

Raj Sharma, president and CEO of 3CLogic, talks about cutting through the confusion between true cloud-based solutions and merely hosted solutions in his latest whitepaper: “How To Tell A True Cloud Call Center Solution From A Hosted One — And Why It Matters.” In the paper, Sharma makes some insightful points, which are good to keep in mind when talking to customers/prospects:

“If you really look under the hood you will notice that many of the call center systems that are billed as running in the “cloud” were originally designed to run on-premise.” … “True cloud call center vendors design their solutions from the ground up for the cloud. They code their software to perform better as a cloud solution and build talent and expertise around hosting, maintaining, and managing the software across hundreds of servers that can be summoned instantly on demand, and across multiple levels of redundancy in a multi-tenant cloud environment.”

The article goes on to talk about how inherent to cloud environments is SOA (service oriented architecture) and the collaborative nature of cloud applications. In hosted call center models, on the other hand, the typical operating environment is a data center run by the software vendor. This later environment is often plagued by delayed and painful product upgrades, costly and unstable integrations and customizations, inadequate security and support, and downtime.

Whether you’re selling cloud-based call center solutions or other cloud-based IT solutions and services, many of Sharma’s examples and anecdotes hold true, and it’s a good reminder that what your customers/prospects may understand by cloud is far from the reality of what the cloud really has to offer.

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