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Drive Video Management Software (VMS) Revenue with Integration Services


May, 14

Drive Video Management Software (VMS) Revenue with Integration Services

Security continues to be a hot topic in the channel as the threat landscape continues to grow. In addition to opportunities to sell network security solutions and services, physical security is another big opportunity.

I had the privilege recently of speaking with Chuck Moeling, executive vice president of Interface Security Systems Holdings, which was ranked the 7th largest security provider last year in SDM Magazine based on nonresidential installations. This systems integrator and managed services provider is integrating IP video surveillance systems with alarm systems, which results in what the company calls “video verifiable alarm systems.” What business challenge does this solve, you may wonder? One of the biggest challenges every company faces: false alarms, which account for 98% of all triggered alarms.

By integrating the alarm system with the video, as soon as the alarm is triggered, a remote intervention specialist is alerted and able to view the live camera footage. Additionally, the specialist can remotely control the customer’s cameras to find out what event may have set off the alarm.

“If an intervention specialist needs to contact police, not only do the police respond more quickly because they know the situation has already been verified, but also the specialist is often able to share very specific details about the suspects and their getaway vehicles, which makes it easier for police to find and apprehend the criminals,” says Moeling.

As if that weren’t enough, the service provider is also providing its customers with virtual guard services by combining video surveillance with two-way audio communication.

“One retail submarket we’re seeing a growing interest in this offering is jewelry,” says Moeling. “Using our virtual guard solution, customers receive a two-way audio device that allows us to interact directly with the premise when a signal/ event is received. For example, we use this system to perform random or scheduled facility tours and store operations audits, escort employees from the store to their vehicles, and even [perform] voice downs when necessary.”

For example, if a jewelry store manager is closing the store at night, the intervention specialist can follow the manager via the security cameras and send an audible security notice if he sees any suspicious activity. “What’s nice about this service is that because of the way it uses remote monitoring technology, we can provide 24/7 intelligent monitoring and response services at a fraction of what a retailer would pay to have a guard on premise for just one shift,” says Moeling.

Be sure to check out my complete interview with Moeling in this month’s issue of Business Solutions magazine, which you can read here.

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