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PSA 101: Deploy for Today, Plan for the Future


Oct, 14

PSA 101: Deploy for Today, Plan for the Future

For IT solution providers already using ticketing, CRM, and time-tracking applications, the value of using a PSA (professional services automation) system may not be clear. But those who’ve made the investment can attest that having those features listed above — and more — all in one place, makes it much easier to automate business processes and build a more profitable managed services practice.

InProfitability this month’s issue of Business Solutions magazine, three PSA vendors discuss, “Why A PSA Solution Should Be A Part Of Every IT Provider’s Business.” The points made in the article I found most compelling were some of the tips shared with ITSPs after they purchase a PSA solution. Here are a few highlights:

  • MSPs should have realistic expectations about what value the solution will bring to the business, and commit enough time, energy, and resources to the deployment. A PSA “champion” should be designated to act as a conduit between employees and the vendor, and existing client data should be properly prepared for migration to the new tool to minimize transition headaches.
  • “I think one of the biggest things businesses need to keep in mind when implementing any type of new software is that it’s a process,” says Mark Sokol, director of marketing at ConnectWise. “You really need to understand that a PSA is a very powerful tool, and that getting up and running can sometimes be stressful, but after you are fully implemented, you start to see significant improvements to your business almost immediately.”
  • A common mistake that MSPs can make is to deploy a PSA to meet what they think might be their future business needs. Flexibility is important, but the solution should meet your current business needs while being able to grow with you and cope with increasing complexity. If you implement something too complex at the start, it can create inefficiencies and higher monthly costs.

Do you have any PSA implementation tips you’d be willing to add to this list? How about any pitfalls you think those just getting started should watch out for? Let us know!

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