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Move Beyond Break-Fix Sales with Managed Security Services


Feb, 15

Move Beyond Break-Fix Sales with Managed Security Services

it_securityNot every VAR is prepared to make the transition to selling managed services. But, that doesn’t mean VARs can’t borrow a few tools of the managed services trade and start incorporating them into their break-fix practices. That’s exactly what Lyons Computers did, and here are a few highlights from the story:

One of the VAR’s long-time customers is Solutions Infusion Therapy, a growing home healthcare service company based in Birmingham, AL, that has 35 employees and three office locations. For years, Solutions Infusion Therapy has relied on Lyons Computers to fix its servers and computers after problems occurred.

As Solutions Infusion Therapy’s practice grew, so did its trips to Lyons Computers’ repair center to have laptops, PCs, and servers fixed. Vic Kamat, manager at Lyons Computers, noticed a trend that this customer’s computers were constantly infected with viruses.

“After a closer look into the problem, we deduced a few culprits. Whenever the customer needed a new computer, it looked for a sale among the various retail outlets and paid little attention to the brand or the software that was installed on the computer. Over time this led to an environment with a myriad of computer brands, plus a variety of antivirus programs.”

Despite the immediate revenue stream the customer’s self-managed IT choices were generating for Lyons Computers, Kamat contacted the customer’s office manager, made the manager aware of the trend, and did something else some break-fix VARs neglect to do — he proposed a proactive solution that entailed replacing the various antivirus brands with F-Secure Protection Service for Business [PSB], a managed network security solution designed specifically for SMBs. What’s nice about this solution is that it allows the VAR to proactively monitor all of its customers’ computers remotely via a single portal and to stay engaged with the client’s IT and business needs.

Not only did Solutions Infusion Therapy receive a full payback on its investment after just one month, good things are happening for Lyons Computers, too. “Despite the fact that they’re no longer a source of regular break-fix work, they’ve become our best reference, and we’ve become their go-to IT adviser,” says Kamat.

Less than a year after its initial AV project with the healthcare service company, the client opened a new facility in another city, and guess who they called right away for help setting up their new office? Whether you call it “paying it forward,” good karma, or good luck, Lyons Computers can attest that taking a proactive stance on its customers’ IT security is good business.

Find out the rest of the story by reading, “Sell Break-Fix Services With A Proactive Security Twist,” in this month’s issue of Business Solutions magazine.

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