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Mitigate Customer Cloud Frustrations With Migration Services


Apr, 15

Mitigate Customer Cloud Frustrations With Migration Services

Jason Bystrak, Executive Director -- North America, Ingram Micro Cloud

Jason Bystrak, Executive Director — North America, Ingram Micro Cloud

Despite the potential cost savings and productivity gains that can come from migrating to the cloud, 76% of companies report a “low to medium level of success” with their cloud projects, according to a study conducted by the IT Process Institute (ITPI). This failure rate, which is nearly twice as high as general IT projects is not a confirmation of the cloud’s immaturity. Rather, says Jason Bystrak, Executive Director for Ingram Micro Cloud for North America, it’s an opportunity for IT solution providers (ITSPs) to add value.

In his latest article, “Two Ways to Ramp up Your Cloud Computing Revenue, Bystrak says:

“More likely than not, it wasn’t a security breach or power outage that led to this frustration because cloud data centers use better security and have better power redundancy than most Fortune 500 companies. The real culprit was most likely the initial deployment. Sure, multiple cloud servers can be up and configured in a matter of minutes. But, the process of migrating on premise apps and data to the cloud is a whole other matter.”

To become more involved in this process, ITSPs need to ask questions to learn about their customers’ needs before customers make the move on their own. A good opening question that can get clients thinking through the transition is:

How will your data be migrated?” For example, do the customer plan to copy data via the Internet or is it going to ship an external drive to the cloud provider?

A good follow-up question, says Bystrak, is “When should the data be transferred and should it be done all at once or in phases?”

These types of open-ended questions help end users recognize their need for ITSP assistance (i.e. cloud migration services). “Instead of merely selling mailbox subscriptions at $6 a mailbox, you can sell mailbox migration services at $140 each,” says Bystrak.


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