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The Secret to this CSP’s Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth with 30%-Plus Profit Margins


Apr, 15


The Secret to this CSP’s Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth with 30%-Plus Profit Margins

Ben Gower, CEO, Perspicuity

Ben Gower, CEO, Perspicuity

Becoming the United Kingdom’s number one Office 365 reseller to SMBs is a title proudly held by cloud service provider (CSP) Perspicuity. Ben Gower, CEO of Perspicuity says his company had to undergo a couple of big changes before it was able to capitalize on selling cloud services. What makes this CSP’s success story so compelling, however, has as much to do with what it’s not doing as what it is doing.

When I first spoke with Gower and asked him about the business strategy that led to his company’s 45% year-over-year revenue growth with 30%-plus profit margins, I have to admit that what he shared with me came as a surprise at first. For example, here is a snippet from our conversation where I asked him about his company’s cloud sales process.

“The traditional sales philosophy focuses on getting prospects to say ‘yes,’ and avoiding anything that might result in a ‘no,’ or a negative response. With the cloud, we found you need to take the opposite approach and actually look for the ‘no.’”

“Getting to the ‘no’ is where you uncover those fears and can alleviate them through an education process. Unlike a typical sales process that attempts to coerce a prospect into changing its opinion, taking a consultative and educational approach helps prospects self-discover the truth about business cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint.”

As you can probably imagine, getting salespeople to think this way is no easy feat and some can’t do it. Perspicuity’s solution to this challenge is definitely worth reading about in the full article, titled: “Earn Double-Digit Cloud Revenue the Unconventional Way.”

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