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Corporate Marketing Requires Cybersecurity


May, 15

Corporate Marketing Requires Cybersecurity

You are an IT reseller.  You understand the need for security.  You evangelize the necessity for protecting data.

Undoubtedly, most resellers have not discussed their own organization’s cybersecurity plan.  Do you even have a plan?  It is a constant challenge to protect your hard-earned corporate branding and professional integrity when cyber attacks are waiting to happen. What will you do if you do experience a breach and your social media accounts are hacked?

An overwhelming amount of attention is given to securing network data.   It is possible marketing professionals may not be as in tune to protecting their communication outlets which are responsible for managing corporate reputation and branding.  It is imperative the technology and marketing managers meet regularly to understand each other’s objectives and tools used to conduct marketing communication and managing your organization’s data security.

To develop a reliable plan to deter cyber-attacks and your marketing efforts, there are several components which need to be in place.

Control Access:  Be selective with whom you share access and credentials to social media outlets.

Change Passwords Often:  Never reuse previous passwords and create complex identification.  If simplified or recycled, then passwords are prime target for hackers.

Inform Staff of New Security Measures:  To discourage potential internal sabotage or prepare your team if a breach is identified, confirm your team knows what to do.

If a Breach Occurs:  Be prepared to implement a brand recovery plan.  Immediately post any corrections necessary to mitigate damage.  Acknowledge the issue and work to resolve it.

The goal is to set standards for prevention and to have a master plan if a cyber-breach is incurred.

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