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Why Cloud and SMB Growth are a Perfect Match


May, 15

Why Cloud and SMB Growth are a Perfect Match


Two months ago at Ingram Micro Cloud Summit, Darren Bibby, VP Channels and Alliances Research at IDC mentioned that business strategy was becoming more and more transient, addressing the fact that as technology evolved businesses would have to be more and more comfortable with how they compete in the marketplace. Bibby could not be more correct; business continues to change and become more agile in scope as small businesses and larger corporations play on the same field.

Business evolution however is not just confined to the ever-changing scope of strategy. At the end of the day, with 87% of businesses now on the Cloud and more on the way, we see that Cloud is not just an activity a company chooses to participate in but also a philosophy to buy into. For example, much news has been written about “the new way to work”, which seeks to advocate for the existence of remote workers, personal devices on the job, and greater collaboration, all with less emphasis on the morning commute, which has long been a time suck for many workers. In short, workers can rejoice – they’ll hopefully be able to work from the premises of their own home instead of fumbling for yet another audio book on a painful morning commute and get more work done – to the delight of their employer.

Nowhere is Cloud more welcome, however, than that of the small and midsized business (SMB), its largest growing sector. The marriage of Cloud and SMBs is an auspicious one because of SMB growth, agility, and adaptability. As you gear up for the summer ahead with Cloud University, it’s important that you know how to deliver the narrative of Cloud and SMB for your clients. In this blog post, we’ll explain a few reasons why the perfect match is something you should definitely write home about.

Let’s explore:

  1. SMB Growth is Surpassing Enterprise Growth

Small business has grown tremendously over the past year seeing a 32% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), while enterprises like HP, eBay, and Symantec explore opportunities to split. As entrepreneurs realize that businesses are becoming easier to build and associated technologies can be provisioned in a fraction of the time from before, SMB ventures are increasing.

  1. Cloud Presents Agility – The Ability to Be Anywhere

SMBs have traditionally been about agility, and Cloud augments this philosophy by allowing workers to be anywhere, anytime. Collaboration technologies for example, allow workers to call into conference calls from anywhere there is an Internet connection with the ability to collaborate and get work done. Storage software allows for files to be shared and accessed from just about anywhere in the world.

  1. Cloud Presents Lower Costs

Lowering costs while maximizing profit is the goal of every business and Cloud does just that for SMBs looking to maximize value without killing the pocketbook. Cloud presents lower costs because technology is no longer owned by the business, but rather by the vendor providing the technology solution. This allows the SMB to pass on the cost of hiring an IT team as well and focus on the business instead. Larger enterprises don’t necessarily have this kind of leverage to work with.

  1. Integrated Technologies Makes for an Easier Sale

On the other side of Cloud and SMB growth are the integrated technologies that help make more sales possible, like social media platforms which run on the Cloud. Because marketing through social media is also now cheaper than ever, businesses can be more agile while driving traffic the right directions for whatever they are selling.

  1. The Way to Work is Evolving

Finally, with Millennials set to become a major demographic in the workplace, the way to work will evolve as many Millennials prefer the power to work remotely and use their own devices for work, both of which require the Cloud to function well. As such perks increase in demand, SMBs are the most able to respond to such needs, and will see Millennials flocking to their job boards to apply for work.

Step Up Your Cloud Game

In this blog post, we covered the evolution of Cloud and why it’s so important, particularly for SMB growth. Whether it’s addressing the new way to work or a cost savings on technology and assets, Cloud is here to stay and influence the way business is done.

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