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How to Use Digital Marketing to Market a Modern Cloud Practice


Jun, 15

How to Use Digital Marketing to Market a Modern Cloud Practice

Cloud service providers have an immense amount of opportunity to market their businesses in today’s world with the proliferation of social media and digital marketing strategies. According to social media industry site Social Media Today, 83% of B2B marketers use social media to increase brand exposure, while 69% use it to increase web traffic. With so much of your competition online, the time to join them is now, rather than later.

Research firm IDC also corroborates the consideration for a cloud digital marketing strategy. In their conversations with solution providers, online marketing strategies result in more focused leads. While the old model of conducting business stipulated that a 20% customer probability was sufficient for human follow-up, a customer must now be at 40% now in order to even qualify.

While the added potential for traffic can be overwhelming, thinking about the possibilities is enough to get any solution provider into the clouds. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at some basic digital marketing strategies that can prove effective for anyone looking to sell the future.

  1. Build your brand with thought leadership

IDC’s conversations noted specifically that solution providers have found great success through building thought leadership, which includes everything from blogs and white papers to editorials and speaking engagements. Having compelling content out there is important as well, since a recent survey found that 67% of B2B buyers rely more on content for research to make purchasing decisions than a year ago, and 64% of buyers indicated having read between two and five pieces of content before making their decision. If you aren’t online or creating content, then customers have few reasons to contact you.

Building thought leadership does not occur in a single channel either. Content can be placed on websites that focus on an industry niche, created in different mediums like video or photography, or on personal social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter. So long as the content seeks to build value and relationships among peers and prospective customers, and aims to inform rather than promote, customers will view your company as a thought leader and develop brand trust.

  1. Leverage mobile and SEO

If you’re selling the future, you should be living it yourself as well. Not only does your website need to embody credibility through your content, but presentation needs to be spot-on as well. According to CRM Company Salesforce.com, 60% of B2B marketers consider mobile as a “crucial enabler” of sales, which means many expect potential leads to originate from mobile devices and tablets.

The high usage of mobile devices ties into search as well. Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in the United States, which means that your business will likely be found by someone on the go.  If your website isn’t mobile responsive, this only hurts you more than it helps – and even Google will punish you.

  1. Leverage the customer experience

Digital marketing is all about the customer experience since both the business and end user are closer than ever, and the trends point to it. 81% of marketing executives are shifting their budgets to emphasize the customer as opposed to the media channel or product differentiation, which shows the power of social media in buying decision and company reputation.

For B2B marketers, the customer experience comes down to effective listening and understanding business needs. Through digital marketing, this means giving customers an opportunity to find you and stay in touch through the business lifecycle, as well as giving them an opportunity to share the experience they had with you.


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