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(More Than) Triple Your O365 Renewal Profits with Microsoft CSP


Nov, 15

(More Than) Triple Your O365 Renewal Profits with Microsoft CSP

The saying “less is more” has its merits for some aspects of your business and personal life, but when it comes to profitability, most people would agree “more is more.” That’s what leading cloud services provider, Ingram Micro, believes anyhow, as evidenced by its strong participation in the Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solutions Provider) program, with authorization to sell Microsoft cloud services via CSP in more than 40 countries.

“The Microsoft CSP program creates new opportunities for Microsoft partners to build a scalable, subscription-based business that saves on billing and administrative costs, and more than doubles the profit margins,” says Nimesh Davé, executive vice president, Global Cloud Computing, Ingram Micro.

In fact, as of mid-October 2015, the profit margin gap between the Microsoft Advisor program and the Microsoft CSP program has widened even further. With the former offering partners just 3% margins, the CSP program now yields a whopping 16.5% in the first year when Ingram Micro’s 30-day free CSP trial is factored in.

Last June, for example, an Ingram Micro partner sold an O365 subscription to a client, which led to $480 in profit. Just under a year later, the same channel company became a Microsoft CSP partner through Ingram Micro. Shortly after, it cancelled its client’s O365 auto renewal and purchased O365 through Ingram Micro. The process was quick and seamless, with no disruption to the customer’s service. What did change, however, was the channel partner’s O365 profit margin, which more than tripled!

Additional Revenue Gains Found In Bundles

Increased revenue and better profit margins don’t have to stop with O365, either. IT solution providers can take advantage of the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, which empowers channel partners to purchase, provision, manage, and invoice cloud solutions from a single automated platform with confidence and ease. Channel partners can also bundle additional Microsoft cloud solutions and other complementary Ingram Micro-hosted cloud services to businesses of any size, such as:

·         Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)

·         CRM Online

·         Azure CSP

·         Automated Email Discovery and Migration Services

·         24/7 technical support for all cloud solutions.

Ingram Micro’s Microsoft CSP program allows channel partners to deliver expanded IT services at a significantly lower administrative cost. As the end result, channel partners are able to develop stronger relationships with their Microsoft customers while achieving a healthier bottom line. If you agree that “more is more” and would like to become a Microsoft CSP partner through Ingram Micro, visit www.IngramMicroCloud.com.

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