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Rescue Your Customers from “Microsoft Advisor Island”


Nov, 15

Rescue Your Customers from “Microsoft Advisor Island”

How becoming a Microsoft CSP partner through Ingram Micro positions resellers for cloud success.

One of the challenges the cloud is supposed to resolve for end users is the problem of data silos, which occur when files and applications exist in disparate data centers and have to be managed separately. Only when applications and files are centralized in a unified environment can the full benefits of collaboration take place. If you’re selling Microsoft Office 365 through the Microsoft Advisor model, which is hosted and managed by Microsoft, you may be inadvertently contributing to the very silos you and your customers want to avoid.

For this reason, a number of resellers began seeking ways to bundle Microsoft cloud services with their other solutions and services. Ingram Micro recognized this demand and took action by making the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program available for its channel partners. The CSP program is part of the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, which is a single portal that encompasses a myriad of cloud services from Microsoft and other complementary cloud solution providers.

When you make the switch from a Microsoft Advisor partner to a CSP partner, you gain the following benefits:

  1. Simplicity (For Partners and End Users)

“Billing processes for both Microsoft CSP partners and end customers are much simpler because there is only one monthly consolidated bill for IT services,” says Jason Bystrak, executive director, The Americas, Ingram Micro Cloud. “Plus, the CSP program makes it much easier for partners to apply special promotions and pricing to Microsoft cloud services while seamlessly being able to scale software licenses as customers add or lose employees.”

Additionally, Microsoft CSP partners can gain significant flexibility and control over the services offered through the program and receive Ingram Micro-provided 24/7 technical support for Office 365.

  1. (Much) Healthier Profit Margins

After making the transition from Microsoft Advisor to the CSP program, Ingram Micro channel partners can improve their profit margins more than fivefold with Office 365 subscriptions (Advisor – 3% vs. CSP – 16.5% in the first year of service with 30-day free trial promo included). Additionally, they can easily upsell Office 365 Enterprise Subscriptions (e.g. upgrade E1 users to E3-level subscriptions) and add additional users in real-time.

Becoming a Microsoft CSP partner through Ingram Micro also provides channel partners with new opportunities to cross-sell solutions or add new services such as email migration to existing customer agreements.

Ingram Micro wants to rescue partners from “Microsoft Advisor Island” and put them on a path to stronger collaboration and revenue gains with the Microsoft CSP program. Begin your transition by joining the Ingram Micro Cloud Elevate program, a free, no-strings-attached program, designed to help channel partners unlock the value of the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. Plus, earn even higher profits by taking advantage of the Ingram Micro “CSP Accelerator” promotion.

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