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Helping You Succeed as a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP)


Jun, 16

Helping You Succeed as a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP)

According to data from IDC and Forrester, over two-thirds of the customers out there currently expect to buy multiple cloud services from a single vendor. The market for Public Cloud Services will grow to more than $100 billion in 2017. It’s a huge opportunity, if you know what you need to build a successful Cloud Service business.

What Customers Are Looking for in A Cloud Reseller

All types of businesses are considering Cloud Services to minimize their IT costs, move from Capex to Opex, drive mobility, agility, productivity and improve collaboration and coordination. Customers expect the service provider to help them take the first step in the cloud and be with them as a trusted advisor, service provider, support them throughout the journey. Their expectations on services are high, because if it was just about the product, they would have gone ahead and purchased it.

In other words, when customers are looking for Cloud Service Providers, they are looking for much more than Products & Solutions. They’re looking for a trustable partner who will help them plan and manage their Cloud Operations. They want help in integrating their current systems and flexibility to scale their systems anytime they need. They want their data to be secure and the Cloud Platform to be absolutely reliable in terms of speed and uptime.

What Is Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program?

Taking stock of the fantastic opportunity, Microsoft has rolled out its Public Cloud Services program called Cloud Solutions Provider or CSP program. Microsoft CSP program is designed for Cloud Services focused companies who want to build their business on Cloud Services. This program allows partner to resell any of Microsoft Cloud Product under Monthly Plan allowing the partner to bundle their own services, add on products or their own IP. It also provides a great level of customer ownership to the reseller to truly build a scalable business in Cloud.
The partner can really put Microsoft CSP in the center of their business and start building the services and solutions around CSP as their Upsell and Cross Strategies.

Why Work with Ingram Micro as your Cloud Partner

Ingram Micro, the world’s largest technology product distributor, is Microsoft’s No. 1 Indirect CSP Partner for rolling out CSP in over 45 countries globally, including Middle East, Turkey, and Africa. As our reseller in the CSP program, you’ll receive Ingram Micro’s best practices in Marketing, Sales & building your Cloud Business consultation along with 24×7 support from our qualified partner technical support agent’s.

As an Ingram Micro Cloud Partner, you can sell Microsoft’s trusted, targeted and diversified cloud offerings in monthly billable plans, control billing, scale usage, and do a lot more that you cannot do under an Open Microsoft License. We’ll also help you with value added services, usage tracking, and billing, so that you may gradually develop the systems, tools, and staff for taking full advantage of the Cloud and growing sustainably.

As you get started with Microsoft CSP in your business we also provide a range of other cloud products which will help you effectively upsell and cross sell to the same customers who have bought Microsoft Cloud products from you. We are offering to help you sell Cloud Solutions that every company in the world needs today. Contact us now to get on board.

For more information, contact us at sales@ingrammicrocloud.me


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