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Office 365: Your First Step for Building a Cloud Service Business


Jun, 16

Office 365: Your First Step for Building a Cloud Service Business

Did you know MENA is outpacing the world in Cloud Computing growth? The UAE’s cloud market is forecast to grow at a compound rate of 43.7% until 2016. Just as companies of all shapes and sizes are looking to ‘upload’ most of their dirty work to the Cloud, the demand for Cloud Solution Providers is also outpacing their supply.

This is where you come in.

You can become an Office 365 Reseller Partner with Ingram Micro’s Cloud Solution Provider Program. It’s a program that allows you to sell convenient monthly plans to your customers, where you can bill your clients, scale user counts, and change plans on a monthly basis. You can provide support directly, own your customers, and become the default go-to cloud vendor for your clients.

Why Sell Office 365 as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Selling Office 365 under the Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP) Program is far more efficient than selling under Microsoft Open License, where you need to buy in bulk and pay upfront. With the CSP Office 365 program, Partners can pay as they go, only for the services their clients use. The monthly unified invoicing, usage tracking, and fixed renewal dates make the Office 365 deal sweeter for an already ravenous market.

But wait! You may not have sold Office 365 or any Cloud product before. Your business may not possess the kind of infrastructure, human resource or knowledge that your clients expect from a company they are going to trust with their vital business functions. How do you find your way around the Office 365 product range, troubleshoot problems, and provide technical support to your clients?

This is where we come in.

Ingram Micro is the world’s largest bulk distributor of IT services and the only cloud aggregator with automated facilities for managing more than 30 leading cloud vendor accounts. We are Microsoft’s biggest Tier-2 Partner and official distributor of CSP in Middle East, Africa and Turkey. And we are here to help you sell Office 365.

In addition to technical and business development support, we’ll also provide you the infrastructure, training, and assistance for delivering value added. With Microsoft’s industry leading Cloud Service Solutions and Ingram Micro’s on ground support and expertise, your Cloud Service business has nowhere to go but up.

Start Building Your Cloud Business Today

Because nearly all businesses are hooked to Office, the demand for Office 365 is huge. It’s a fantastic opportunity for all types of IT businesses, big or small. You can start with the easier-to-sell and highly in demand Office 365 Suite, and move to the more specialized Microsoft Azure, Dynamic CRM, Enterprise Mobility Suite, etc. Or, you can keep selling Office 365, 365 days a year. The choice is yours, as are your clients, billing and revenues.

Fore more information, contact us at sales@ingrammicrocloud.me

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