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Acronis Azure Cloud Storage: Striking When the Iron Is Hot


Jun, 16

Acronis Azure Cloud Storage: Striking When the Iron Is Hot

Rescue Your Customers and Grow Your Business with the Easy-to-Sell Acronis Azure Cloud Backup Solution

Businesses today generate about 10 times the amount of data they used to a couple of years ago. Just as you read this article, Local servers are bursting at the seams and laptops/desktops are guzzling out Exabytes of unprotected data, forming unmanageable silos across departments and locations. With the universal digital data forecast to double every two years between now and 2020, the problem is only going to get worse.

At a time when virtually every company in the world needs Cloud Backup, Ingram Micro gives its partners the opportunity to sell the industry-leading Acronis Cloud Backup and rescue their customers from the data deluge.

What is Acronis Azure Cloud Backup?

It’s a complete, cost efficient, fully managed Cloud Backup Solution that quickly solves your customers’ data protection problem without requiring any upfront investment. For a small monthly fee, your clients can avail Local and Cloud backup along with bare-metal recovery of any data from any system.

Here are the key features of Acronis Azure Cloud Backup:

1. Local and cloud backup for flexible, hybrid protection

2. Recovery of any platform from the cloud to bare metal

3. File and disk image backup for complete backup

4. Physical server backup – Windows and Linux

5. Physical PC backup – Windows, Mac, and Linux

6. Backup of MS SQL, MS Exchange and Windows System State

7. Support of six hypervisor virtual environments for ultimate flexibility

8. Initial seeding to easily move large volumes of data to the cloud

The Solution is quick to implement and leverages the Acronis proven technology that is the symbol of reliability for CIOs, IT managers, and Backup Administrators. Data is protected in state-of-the-art Acronis Datacenters boasting the impregnable Tier-IV security. The Solution is fully managed by Acronis, which means you can focus on selling and not worry about the technical side.

With a 100% pay-per-use licensing and no Capex involved, Acronis Cloud Backup is a tantalizing solution for a ravenous market. It is easy to sell and gives you and your clients total peace of mind as far as data backup and recovery are concerned. You will also receive complete marketing support and technical guidance that you may need in order to convince your clients.

A survey by IDC revealed 70% of businesses currently have insufficient Data Recovery protection. It’s the right time to strike, and Acronis Azure Backup is just the right solution. Here’s your chance to increase your revenues almost effortlessly and add a much needed Cloud Backup Solution to your arsenal.

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