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The 4 Pillars of a Successful Cloud Service Business


Jun, 16

The 4 Pillars of a Successful Cloud Service Business

Research shows that almost all of the Cloud customers (84%) want to establish relationships with a single Cloud Service Provider that they can trust. Ingram Micro thinks it’s a huge opportunity for businesses that can fulfill four types of customer expectations. We want our resellers to build the cloud practice in a way that they becoming the preferred choice of their customers for all their cloud needs.

We wanted to highlight the 4 pillars of Successful Cloud Business to our resellers partners

Services: Services is the one of the most important pillars of a successful Cloud Business, if you want to build a strong competitive advantage, want your customers to pay you the premium and consider you over the other. Services like consultation, implementation, migration, training, change management, support, managed services and development services are the key services which one should build to be successful in Cloud Services Business.

Technical Support: Most of small and medium business owners are not experts in IT, so they want to work with an expert who they can call and ask questions whenever they need. Technical support will decide if the customer would stay with you for the cloud service he is using, while services will decide if the customers wants to start the relationship with you. Technical support has got to be taken very seriously in Cloud right from L1, L2 & L3. Remember it’s an ongoing relationship with the customer which makes Support very critical function of your business.

Range of Cloud Solutions: Having a good range of Cloud Solution is one of the key to successful Cloud Business. You should have products that will be your go to market products or solutions like Office 365, IaaS, website etc. And then you have to have your upsell and cross sell products or solutions to be able to go able to the same customers to drive incremental revenue and services from the same customers.

Team: Having the right team is the foundation of a successful cloud business and taking care of the team is a must. The Cloud team can be very lean or small and can manage hundreds of cloud customers. Having the right people for Business Development, Deployment & Technical support and Backup is going to be the key. These team needs constant training, motivation and knowledge to keep up to the speed of the constantly evolving Cloud.

Does Your Company Have What It Takes?

Cloud Service being a new industry and with the demand for Cloud Solution skyrocketing, not all existing and aspiring Cloud Service Companies are expected to possess the expertise and infrastructure needed to build their business on the 4 pillars of success mentioned above. That’s why Ingram Micro has stepped in as a bridge between small- and medium-sized Cloud Service Providers and Microsoft Cloud Service Solutions.

As an Indirect Microsoft CSP and the world’s largest distributor of IT Products & services, Ingram Micro has the reach of over 300,000 Channel partners across the globe and we are build a ecosystem of Cloud so that our partners can take the fastest route to Cloud Success with our help. Ingram fills the knowledge gap by providing business development advice, infrastructure, training, and technical support to Microsoft CSP Partners in Middle East, Africa and Turkey. Working with us a Cloud Solution Provider, you can respond to your customers’ demands and become their single trusted partner of all Cloud Services.

What You Can Do as an Ingram Micro Cloud Partner

As an Ingram Micro Cloud Partner, you have the most comprehensive set of services to offer, including Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Dynamic CRM, EMS, or ISV solutions. You can generate monthly customer billing based on hourly rates, work-for-hire, deal-by-deal revenue, service packages or annuity, and can even offer unique value added services.

For the first time, you have full control over your Cloud Business with Microsoft Cloud Products where you can sell monthly packages, change user counts and plans every month, and fix monthly renewal dates for your customers. Ingram Micro will bill CSP Partners on a monthly basis for the services consumed, so you can build your margins on top of the rate you pay.

The results for you include: more loyal customers, smoother service delivery, easy scalability, and faster revenue growth. CSP Partners can expect to generate 1.5 times more profits and grow their revenues 1.4 times faster than other Microsoft Cloud Partners.

The Bottom Line

If you are in Cloud Service business or are planning to start one, Ingram Micro CSP Partnership is a deal you cannot afford to miss. Visit imcloud.me/events/ to register for free webinars to get you started.

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