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Now Sell Symantec Email Security and Grow Your Profits


Jul, 16

Now Sell Symantec Email Security and Grow Your Profits

Ingram Micro Cloud Partners Can Now Upsell the Most Advanced Email Security with Office 365 and Boost Profitability

Nothing concerns your Cloud customers more than security. And nothing is more vulnerable to attacks than email.

How Serious Is the Spam Threat?

Email is the medium of choice for hackers and cyber criminals. In the absence of appropriate security, they can choke your servers with spam or steal your critical information through phishing. Last year alone, one in every 244 emails was identified as a malware attack, and 5 out of 6 large enterprises were the target of spear-phishing campaigns.

Why Passive Security Doesn’t Work

The built-in spam protection is ineffective at stopping sophisticated and targeted attacks, which can play havoc with your client’s data and servers. Hackers disguise viruses and phishing links to look like personalized and intriguing emails. They can easily bypass filters and bait people into clicking. With hundreds of users accessing Cloud based email every day, the risk is just unacceptable.

Email Security that Every Client Will Need

Ingram Micro now enables its resellers to sell the most advanced Symantec Email Security with Office 365. It is the most powerful email security—a natural complement to Office 365 and the kind of solution that eventually every client will need (though the smarter ones will get it before the crap hits the fan). With Symantec Email Security Ingram Micro Cloud Resellers can now add a handsome margin to their profits with minimal efforts.

What Do You Tell Clients

Symantec Email Security is a hosted solution with 100% uptime, multiple scanning engines, and most importantly, the groundbreaking “Skeptic Technology.” It analyzes billions of emails and web requests every month, and uses this data to actively scan incoming emails and stop potentially devastating attacks before they hit your email servers.

Symantec also provides customizable email data security, where you can encrypt important messages and decide who can send which type of data outside the organization. It’s a complete solution that adds multiple layers of security to your email without getting in the way of work. With 100% protection against known and unknown email viruses, no more than .0001% false positives, 99% spam capture, and 24/7/365 protection, there’s simply no better email security solution on the market.

Why Work with Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro Cloud Resellers are placed at a rather unfair advantage compared to other providers. As our partner, you get excellent sales and marketing guidance along with reliable pre- and after-sale support, so don’t get stuck at any stage. We’ll also help you implement Symantec Email Security and train your people, because in your success is our success.

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