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IaaS Business is main stream, are you ready?


Aug, 17

IaaS Business is main stream, are you ready?

Cloud is not just a trend, but it’s really happening now across the world and in META region as well. The key drivers for cloud in our region are SaaS solutions and IaaS of which SaaS is leading with a wide adoption of various products from thousands of companies addressing various customer’s segments and industries. On the other-hand IaaS is the dollar driver across the globe where the heaviest investments are happening as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is the biggest part of the Cloud business for all the leading Cloud Providers.

Today worldwide there are only 4 hyper-scale Cloud IaaS providers which are Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Softlayer/Bluemix and Google Cloud Platform. Ingram is associated with the top 3 of these vendors – Microsoft, Amazon and IBM. But the big question is how does this business work?

IaaS business is not same as we run on premise Infrastructure where everything is revolving around the specification and technical requirements provided by the customer or application providers, where we configure the best possible technology with right future capacity and best discounts applied and you win the projects. IaaS business is all revolving around the customer and workloads where understanding the workload and its behavior is very critical. The designing is not done at the CPU, Memory and Storage the configurations is done at the application component level like Content Caching, Load Balancer, Session Handler, Horizontal or Vertical Scale of application, structure and unstructured database, geo redundancy, file storage etc.

What does this mean to all of us in the Distribution and Channel business, it clearly means that we will be able to sell or build the IaaS business in the same traditional way of sending configurations and quotes to our channel partners and they sending it to their customers and win the deal on the best price discounts. IaaS business requires a complete different approach and Ingram Micro is driving the Cloud IaaS business in the right direction with investments and practices which comes from various experts in the team with years of journey to cloud.

So, for a partner or a System integrator to build a successful IaaS business, they must learn and transform themselves at multiple level as follows,

  • Management Level – Management must first realize the big potential of Cloud business and specifically in IaaS business where there is a big potential and demand but major lack of right partners to serve the market now, they must act soon before it gets crowded. It calls of a different business plan, sales targets and commission drive the right behavior of the sales and whole organization to get into this business.
  • Sales Level – Sales team must understand that selling Cloud and Specially the IaaS is not equal to selling On Premise infrastructure and competing on the price. The change starts from learning IaaS from a technology point of view and talking to a different audience at the customer level and approach the customer from an application or workload point of view is going to be the key difference in selling IaaS.
  • Marketing Level – Marketing IaaS is not a joke as the audience for this is not the IT department, the audience for this is always the Business users like CEO, CMO, CIO, CFO etc. and it goes with a very wide range of requirements based on the industry, segment etc. But, if you learn how to deliver the benefits of IaaS to these audience in the right way, then it would generate demand but unlike the old way of marketing to IT department may not work at all in IaaS.
  • Presales Level – The presales of On Infrastructure may not be able to deal with IaaS directly as it requires an application centric technical skills than a typical server or storage configuration, Presales in Cloud world are solution architect who understands the business requirements, the application and then provides a solution based on the needs not the specification like typical presales would do.
  • Implementation & Support Level – This also requires the foundation skills of on premise infrastructure but must transform to deal with the IaaS deployments specially on the connectivity, security and migration of the data and applications. Post deployment it ops a completely new opportunity which is managed services, note that the customer does not know much about the IaaS so they would expect you to manage the entire Infra on Cloud as a managed service which is a great services opportunity.

Become a Cloud Reseller?

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