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Aug, 17

IaaS Business is main stream, are you ready?

Cloud is not just a trend, but it’s really happening now across the world and in META region as well. The key drivers for cloud in our region are SaaS solutions and IaaS of which SaaS is leading with a wide adoption of various products from thousands of companies addressing various customer’s segments and industries. […]


Oct, 16


Ingram Micro Launches Automated Cloud Services Platform Across Middle East

Ingram Micro Launches Automated Cloud Services Platform Across Middle East With cloud computing quickly moving beyond a fad and into the fabric of today’s business scope, organizations across the Middle East are now taking major steps towards implementing a cloud-first strategy into their business plan. According to Gartner, the public cloud services market in the […]


Jul, 16

Now Sell Symantec Email Security and Grow Your Profits

Ingram Micro Cloud Partners Can Now Upsell the Most Advanced Email Security with Office 365 and Boost Profitability Nothing concerns your Cloud customers more than security. And nothing is more vulnerable to attacks than email. How Serious Is the Spam Threat? Email is the medium of choice for hackers and cyber criminals. In the absence […]


Jun, 16

The 4 Pillars of a Successful Cloud Service Business

Research shows that almost all of the Cloud customers (84%) want to establish relationships with a single Cloud Service Provider that they can trust. Ingram Micro thinks it’s a huge opportunity for businesses that can fulfill four types of customer expectations. We want our resellers to build the cloud practice in a way that they […]


Jun, 16

Sell Acronis Cloud Backup and Grow Profits Overnight

Acronis Cloud Backup is easy-to-use for your clients, easy-to-sell for your team, and more profitable than you think As you read these lines, the global cloud storage market is growing at a staggering 33.1% CAGR. The volume and complexity of data that SMBs churn out every day is becoming more and more painful to store […]


Jun, 16

Functions and Strategies of a Successful Cloud Service Business

Before we discuss the functions and strategies that ensure success of a Cloud Service Business, let’s quickly look at some commonly used terms that you’ll frequently run into. Cloud Business Terminology MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue): It is the sum of all monthly recurring revenues from all clients. Break down all your annual subscriptions into monthly […]


Jun, 16

6 Reasons Why Your Cloud Services Business Will Thrive

Realizing that the demand for cloud solutions may soon outstrip the supply of reliable cloud services providers, Ingram Micro has partnered with Microsoft to unfold the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program in Middle East and North Africa. The aim is to educate and facilitate entrepreneurs and businesses planning to venture into Cloud Services Business. This […]


Jun, 16

Helping You Succeed as a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP)

According to data from IDC and Forrester, over two-thirds of the customers out there currently expect to buy multiple cloud services from a single vendor. The market for Public Cloud Services will grow to more than $100 billion in 2017. It’s a huge opportunity, if you know what you need to build a successful Cloud […]


Nov, 15

What Measures Organizations Should Implement to Secure their Cloud

In our opinion, the most challenging aspect of security not only rests in its requirement for a multi-layered technical approach, but the awareness and involvement needed from everyone in the organization. To get the obvious out the way, we highly recommend every organization has endpoint security, anti-spam, message archiving, and firewall and perimeter defense (such […]


Aug, 15

Cloud Transition: Key Benefits for Solution Providers

As a solution provider, you’ve heard the narrative of how cloud will transform the way business is done. Numerous articles champion the benefits of the cloud, from increased agility to monthly recurring revenues. According to new findings from research firm IDC, the advantages of switching to cloud are better than ever. While adding cloud to […]

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