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Oct, 15

Let Microsoft & SkyKick Take You to The Big Game

Cloud business is a lot like football. Solution providers constantly have to overcome objections like a running back has to penetrate the defensive line. Each opponent is different so MSPs have to come up with new and innovative ways to drive the ball into the end zone and win new business. And every so often, […]


Sep, 15

Coming Attractions: Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 (also known as Office 16) is an upcoming version of Microsoft Office scheduled to be released at the end of 2015 / early stages of 2016. The latest preview version was released at a conference in Chicago not so long ago which introduced many new improvements and features from its predecessor, Microsoft […]


Jul, 15

Convert Office 365 Advisor Subscriptions to CSP and Transform Your Business

Ingram Micro is dedicated to helping its channel partners sell more and thrive in the cloud. With rising adoption of Office 365, now is the time to start speaking to prospective customers about how they can be more productive throughout their organization. For channel partners who already deploy Office 365 to their customers through Microsoft’s […]


Jun, 15

How Ingram Micro Partners Can Increase Revenues with Microsoft CSP

Ingram Micro partners understand the value of the solutions available in our Cloud Marketplace. One such example is Office 365, which is Microsoft’s flagship productivity suite. For the end user, the opportunity to create content and collaborate with others is endless. The opportunities for channel partners are now endless as well. Those who currently have […]


Mar, 15

Are Your Salespeople “Sold” On the Benefits of Cloud?

Whenever IT solution providers (ITSPs) do a serious revenue comparison of an on-premise IT solution vs. a cloud IT solution, the latter business model eventually supersedes the former by a long shot. Just because business owners recognize this fact, however, doesn’t mean their salespeople will. I know an MSP who invested tens of thousands of […]


Mar, 15

2 Signs Your Customer is Ready for Cloud Services

Not all of your customers are ready to buy cloud services right now. But, some are, and it’s important that you recognize the tell-tale signs. Following are the two biggest ones you should pay attention to in order to capitalize on this low hanging fruit. Sign #1: Aging SystemsDo you have customers that are still […]


Mar, 15


Ingram Cloud Summit Tuesday Wrap-Up: The Key to Winning with Cloud Marketplace

Slight of hand, power of suggestion, or just pure magic? You decide. Before I share an important takeaway from the 2015 Ingram Micro Cloud Summit, I have to say for the record that I’ve never spoken with this year’s emcee, mentalist Craig Karges, before being called up on stage this morning. How he was able to exactly replicate […]


Mar, 15


Cloud Summit 2015 — Day #2 Recap (How Ingram Helps Rainmakers Thrive)

The 2015 Ingram Micro Cloud Summit shifted into high gear this morning beginning with Renée Bergeron, Vice President, Global Cloud Computing, describing what a huge opportunity the cloud is for the channel (e.g. the U.S. alone represents a $35 billion addressable market) followed by offering practical ways Ingram Micro is enabling its partners to make […]


Jan, 15


Skype for Business, the Exploding UC Market, and You

A lot of MSPs I talk to prefer to steer clear from selling VoIP — either because they tried it in the past and couldn’t make any margins or because they know somebody who did. Keep in mind that this industry has evolved significantly over the past four years and there are a few compelling reasons you […]

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